This retreat focuses on nature at its best.  Huge picture windows allow you to enjoy the view of the river, and you will probably chuckle as our local chipmunk scampers past the patio door in the kitchen.  

Nature lovers absolutely love this retreat…so isolated from society, yet only five minutes from the Annapolis Royal.  Our reviews reflect this love of nature…the exceptions are those who  discover that “nature” was not quite their cup of tea.

March 27:  Our first crocuses have started to blossom, and you really feel our glorious Canadian spring in the air!  With all the rain and thawing happening, there may be one or two pill bugs that might choose to wander within the house.   

The suite is situated on the ground floor of the house, facing the river (we live on the main floor).

The focus of Body Energy Vacation Suite is nature, with minimal technology.  A television-free environment is hugely appreciated by guests wishing freedom from day-to-day concerns.  Free Wifi is available, from 6:30 am – 11:30 pm.  It is turned off during night to maximize health and for a deeper sleep).   For those who are night owls or work at night, we do keep it on when requested.

If it is a cloudless morning, you will surely be enchanted by the stunning sunrise.  Sunsets are also spectacular here, but you’ll have to walk to the front of the house to view it.

The lovingly hand-made stone walkway leading to our outdoor fire pit is a huge hit for relaxing evenings.   And with what I call our mini-woods, it is a veritable oasis, as you sit mesmerized with the fire and flowing water.

At this portion of the river, the water is clean enough for swimming, especially for those who feel invigorated by the coldness of salty ocean water.  Kids don’t seem to mind the cold, but please ensure that an adult is always close by for their safety!  We’ve watched kids play in the sand for hours, looking for shells and beach glass.  And finally, the dock is definitely an excellent spot to grab a few rays.  Please note that our dock was really hammered upon during this past winter with blustery winds, so you can on the first portion, but the second portion may be somewhat a hazard.

Five minutes from Annapolis Royal, this hideaway in Granville Centre is quietly tucked away from the main road, enveloped in trees and the sounds of nature.